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Basic configuration

Advanced configuration

Shipping costs based on weight and free for orders over 100€

To create shipping rules with different conditions (in this example, weight and price), it is mandatory to separate them into different methods unless you use shipping classes (see below for this circumstance).

Therefore, for this shipping configuration, you should create 2 methods: one for shipping rates based on weight and another for free shipping with the condition based on price.

Let's look at an example of how it would appear:

Method for weight-based rules

Method for free shipping on orders over 100€

You only need to uncheck the «Free Shipping Label» option to prevent the word «Free!» from appearing next to the shipping method title (this option is checked by default). Finally, check check the «Hide the rest of shipping methods when free shipping is available» option in the general settings section of the plugin so that when the customer exceeds 100€, only the free shipping option is displayed.

How to do it when using Shipping Classes

IMPORTANT: If you are using shipping classes to differentiate products and have entered multiple rules with classes in the same shipping method, the way to configure this is different. To do this, you can add a line of rules based on the price condition within the same method, along with the rest of the weight rules (or any other condition you are using). However, in these cases, to make the free shipping rule work when the set amount is reached, DO NOT ENABLE the Shipping Class Priority, as it overrides the cost of 0 when there are multiple conditions in the same method.

Likewise, you should keep the «Free Shipping Label» option in the general settings selected so that the word «Free!» appears next to the shipping method title. This way, the customer will know that the shipping cost will be 0.