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Shipping rates per price

Another very common way to configure shipping rates is based on the order's total price.

For example, let's imagine that we want to apply a flat shipping rate of 12€ for orders under 60€ and offer free shipping for orders exceeding 60€.

The rules you should configure for this example would be:

Shipping classConditionRange [min] and [max]CostCost per additional unit
No classPrice06012(Left empty)
No classPrice60*0(Left empty)

As you can see, we have used the asterisk (*) to indicate any price above 60€. In this case, we have used the value 0 to indicate that the shipping cost is free (if this happens, the word «Free» is added to the shipping method title so that the customer knows that shipping is free - this feature can be enabled or disabled in the general WooCommerce «shipping options»).

On the other hand, in this example, we haven't taken into account the cart's taxes if we have configured the store with taxes added in the designated section in WooCommerce. Therefore, in the case of Spain and for a general VAT rate of 21% applied to the products, any customer who wants to take advantage of free shipping would need to place an order with a minimum value of 72.60€. This amount includes the base product price of 60€, which is the threshold for the free shipping rule (plus the 21% VAT, which is not factored into the calculation but would appear in the cart).

If, on the other hand, we want the shipping rule prices to already include taxes and for free shipping to be activated when the customer spends at least 60€ including taxes, then we need to check the “Including tax” box that we saw in the General Setting section. In this case, with a product priced at 49.59€ before taxes, free shipping would be activated since adding the 21% VAT (10.41€) would reach the desired 60€.

IMPORTANT: It's important to consider that the ranges are counted up to the maximum value inclusivelyNotice that the ranges are consecutive, but in reality, Super Shipping treats the maximum range value as an absolute unit . This means that a range from 30 to 60, for example, would be counted (in any condition) starting from 30 but not inclusive (something like 30.0001, to illustrate it graphically) up to 60 inclusive (an absolute 60).