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Basic configuration

Advanced configuration


Here you can check the update history that is carried out on the plugin (from version 1.4.5 onwards)


  • Code bug fix.


  • New feature: the extra shipping fee can be a percentage. It is possible to enable or disable this option, which converts the extra shipping fee from a fixed amount to a percentage of the rate obtained in the rules to add it to the final cost.
  • Modified and updated the Readme file.
  • Added translations of the new percentage functionality in the extra shipping fees.
  • Code fixes.


  • Fixed requirement for rate IDs to be with “{$this->id}:{$instance_id}”.
  • Declared compatibility with WooCommerce Cart and Checkout blocks.
  • Added #[AllowDynamicProperties] attribute to allow dynamic properties.
  • Fixed the function that adds the “Free” tag to adapt it to WooCommerce blocks.
  • Tested up to WooCommerce 8.9.1


  • Updated plugin license to GPLv3.
  • New way to check if WooCommerce is active using “class_exists”.
  • Code improvements.
  • Tested up to WooCommerce 8.8.2


  • Fixed a bug in which all shipping methods were displayed using the calculation type by classes.


  • Fixed an error where the method would disappear in the Cart if shipping priority was marked and the cost was 0.
  • It is now mandatory to enter a priority number before saving.
  • Modified the text for activating the free shipping label ("Shipping options" inside the "Shipping" tab).


  • Code cleaning.
  • Created .pot file for translations to meet WordPress requirements.
  • Added new English definitions for the plugin release in this language.
  • New Spanish translations.


  • Declared compatibility with the new HPOS system of WooCommerce.
  • Added the "Free" label when shipping is 0 and the option to Enable/Disable.
  • Updated links to the documentation.
  • Fixed the documentation link for the Configuration Wizard.
  • Added and corrected some translation strings.
  • Some minor fixes have been made.


  • The width of the «Cost» input field in the tables has been expanded to allow up to 7 decimals.
  • The names of the calculation types have been modified to make them more understandable.
  • Bug fixes.
  • A text that was not translated in the 'Cost' tooltip has been corrected.
  • Some minor fixes have been made.

  • Fixed a maximum range error when entering an asterisk (*) for infinity.


  • Fixed an error when calculating the total price of each product group by shipping class when a coupon affecting the entire cart was applied.
  • Fixed an error in calculating shipping costs when the decimal separator was a comma and there were decimals in the rule thresholds.


  • Fixed an error when comparing a float value with shipping rule ranges when the latter were strings.
  • The decimal separator matches the choice in WooCommerce Settings.

  • Fixed a tax calculation error when the shipping calculation type was based on shipping classes.
  • Fixed an error in calculating shipping when additional unit costs were added.


  • Fixed an error that caused tax calculations to be incorrect when the decimal separator in WooCommerce was a comma instead of a period.


  • An error in the import/export process has been fixed, which caused a carriage return (/r) to be added to the last values of each CSV row. This character, although invisible, was blocking the import due to a header error.